You Watch Us Run

Stephen said we would know early in the season if Oliver meant the i love you.



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please don’t take my sunshine away

Young River Song and Professor River Song entering the TARDIS for her first and (arguably) last date with the Eleventh Doctor.

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#you know #i always felt like the doctor kinda looks at them with a sense of longing in this scene #because here they are #amelia pond #the girl who waited for him #and rory williams #the boy who waited for her #and they’re just clinging to one another in this beautiful moment #as husband and wife #beginning what will become a lifelong marriage #tried and tested and enduring #and here the doctor is #on the side #happy for his friends #but perhaps a bit sad too #because he thinks he’ll never have this #little does he know that in amelia’s back garden there is a woman waiting for him #the very woman that is in fact the daughter of his best friends#a woman who will come into existance this very night in his tardis under remarkable circumstances#making her part-time lord like him #a woman who will one day become his wife #and perhaps about 200 years later #on a 400 ft tree growing out of a cliff top on the north side of a mountain in the middle of the sea #as he and his new wife stare in awe at more stars in one sky than any other moment in the history of the universe#clinging to one another #they’ll have their magical moment