You Watch Us Run

"During a scene after the TARDIS lands The Doctor tells the formed UNIT troop with Kate Stewart to "Shut up!" and then proceeds to say to her, "A word to the wise, as I’m sure you’re father would have told you, I don’t like being picked up." Kate then informs the Doctor she has "sealed orders from Her Majesty Elizabeth the First” and hands him an envelope ”(pictured

above). (x)

So the first pic is a shot of the ‘sealed orders’ . The other photos show the Doctor carrying the envelope.

Source (for the high-resolution photo of the ‘sealed orders’)

Possible translation (via gallifreybase):

Right (?) into the
curse/core(?) of my Government
future Governments to come(?)
Until such a time ??????
????? Gallery ?? ????
inform(?) a ????????


"Given into the care of my government,
and future governments to come,
until such a time as a
National Gallery is [established?]”

Any additional thoughts?

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